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Stormy Down, South Wales

Shillibiers worked on the site developed by Agrivert, it takes food waste from Welsh homes and businesses and converts it into renewable energy.

Located at Parc Stormy near Bridgend, the site is set to process around 48,000 tonnes of organic waste per year, generating 3MW of electricity – enough to supply over 5,900 homes. The facility also produces valuable bio-fertiliser that can displace fossil fuel derived fertilisers on over 3,000 acres of local farm land.

The Welsh Government has set local authorities the target of achieving 70% recycling by 2025.

  • Shillibiers worked alongside Agrivert to deliver project
  • Excavate, screen and crush 30,000 cubic metres of rock
  • Remove 10,000 cubic metres of soil




project image
project image
project image